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Setlist ROXETTE- Luna Park-Buenos Aires

25 Abr

1- Dressed for success

2-  Sleeping in my car

3- Big L.

4- Silver Blue (en reemplazo de I Wish I Could fly)

5- Stars

6- She´s Got Nothing On

7- Perfect Day

8- Things will never be the same

9- It Must Have Been Love

10- It´s Possible

11- 7twenty7

12- Faiding like a flower

13- Crash! Boom! Bang!

14- How Do You Do!

15- Dangerous

::::::::Presentación de la banda:::::::::

16- Joyride

::::::::Intervalo::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Solo de guitarra:Música ligera

17- Spending My Time

18- The Look

19- Listen to your heart

20- Church of your heart